Film Reviews as Haiku

There have been some fantastic films out in the past year (let’s just ignore The Legend of Hercules). And being the nerdy English graduate that I am and with the year soon drawing to a close, I fancied writing some haiku about some of the most memorable. So I did. Why haiku you ask? Why not!

Gone Girl
Amazing couple
Media frenzy, two sides
Torn apart, who left?

Dust, space, surf’s up, cool
Murphy’s law, there is a chance
Trust none, time will tell

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
J-Law kicking ass
District destroyed, angst galore
Will Peter return?

The Maze Runner
Shut in square, no reason
Leaders, runners, then a girl!
Fear, escape, next phase

22 Jump Street
Undercover cops
Bromance, cars, self-mocking fun
Same as the last

Wicked fairy horns
Young love gone bad, all suffer
Aurora is key

Drug mule mystery
Unlocked mind, full potential
Never do drugs, kids

Hunger games rip-off
Dystopian, angsty, bleak
Bland teenage saga

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