Capers and japes in London

Ok so I have a confession. I bloody LOVE London. As a west country girl born and bred, I did not expect to enjoy city life as much as I am. Yes the tube is unpleasant, the weather is poor, there are people everywhere and I am somewhat poor. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t bloody good fun! I’ve been working so hard and enjoying my free time so much that I’ve barely had time to smash together a decent blog, let alone get enough sleep. But I will fight the tiredness and write this blog (with a heavy reliance on photos), because if I don’t, my brain will forget everything. I will stop rambling and just get on with it. Here are a few of the awesome things that have happened:

1. Started a kick-ass quiz team

My flatmate Hannah and I have been going to Neil’s Big Quiz at the Village Pub in Walthamstow since we moved here and we really enjoy it. I am a huge University Challenge/general quiz fan so we have a grand old time. I felt the team was a bit bare (Hannah is a dull human) so I tweeted that we were looking for more team mates and along came Mark and Anna – two delightful quizzers. We are determined to win a bottle of wine one week so watch this space…


2. Explored the William Morris Gallery

William Morris is a total legend, with a really interesting history and design output. As the William Morris Gallery is on our doorstep, we made an afternoon of it and enjoyed exploring the gardens behind in some surprisingly sunny weather. A top afternoon indeed.
WM gallery
3. Gorged out at Borough Market

Oh my god. We visited Borough Market on a Saturday lunchtime and even though it was completely rammed, it was EXCEPTIONAL. So many smells, tastes, colours and foooooods! I am salivating at my desk. We enjoyed a delicious burger with lashings of cheesy relish. If you haven’t gone before: go. If you’ve been before: go again.

Borough Market

4. Got my first pay cheque

I am getting paid to write and haven’t (yet) been fired! Hooray! I celebrated in the most extravagant way I could think of, in a onesie with booze and an easter egg. Winning.

Got paid

5. Had my first ‘flanniversary’ with Hannah

I was complaining to Hannah that I have never received a helium balloon before so after a month of living together she bought this delight and added a few hashtags. Happy flanniversary Hannah! #topflatmate

Happy anniversary

(We also recently celebrated our first pancake day. We’re all about the important holidays).

Pancake day

6. Proved to my parents that I wasn’t dead

My parents came for their first visit and were pleasantly surprised that I haven’t (yet) had any major catastrophes. It was good fun to show them around and play host. The highlight was visiting the Imperial War Museum. Look at this massive gun that was outside.


Loads more happened and a lot more is on the cards. But I am sleepy so that will have to wait for another day…


Ciao for now blogworld!



4 thoughts on “Capers and japes in London

  1. “I’ve been working so hard and enjoying my free time so much that I’ve barely had time to smash together a decent blog.”

    50% factual information in that statement.


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