Writing Portfolio


Listed below is a select sample of my editorial work (further editorial and creative campaign samples available on request). I’m an experienced Content Manager, Copywriter and am well-versed in digital marketing and delivering creative briefs. Get in touch to talk new ideas, copywriting work of all kinds or any creative projects you’d like some help with – I struggle to resist a new challenge.

My specialist subjects include: Technology, Careers, the Arts, Travel, Social Media, Humour and Marketing


I regularly create content as a contributing features writer and enter competitive writing competitions to stay sharp. (Style of writing required: informative, creative, research-heavy, niche topics).

Content Manager at Ve Interactive

Ve Interactive is a world-leading technology company whose platform helps online businesses acquire, engage and convert customers. (Style  of writing required: professional, technical, B2B, across sectors from Regulated to Recruitment to Retail, formats including eBooks, benchmarks and case studies).

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Travioor is a visually engaging travel portal that uses a special algorithm to help users get inspiration for their next trip and find their flights all on one website. (Style of writing required: technical, engaging, B2C, formats including destination pages, events pages and articles). [Links below inactive whilst site changes are made]

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Graduate-jobs.com delivers graduates the best selection of grad jobs on the Internet and provides recruiters with the most cost-effective, focused access to graduate job seekers. (Style  of writing required: informative, humorous, millennial focus, formats including blogs and research pieces).

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The Dazed but Amused blog is my own site I set up to flex my writing muscles and pursue topics without limits.  Particular highlights have been my interview series ‘Grill the Graduate’ and more abstract work such as ‘Film Reviews as Haiku’. (Style  of writing required: whatever I damn well please).

Hope you like my work, and get in touch if you’d like to work together or learn more: